The Wayfarer's Creed

Heroism, Part 2

Posted on: 18 January 2007

This is the personal essay part of the assignment from class.

All the things that I do to make the world a better place must make me a hero. My tireless adherence to a vegetarian diet must really make me a hero. Just think of all the good I am doing. And my constant striving to conserve energy by turning of the lights whenever I leave a room and by unplugging the televisions when they are not in use. That must really make me a hero.

There are so many things that I do in my everyday life that I like to tell myself are really making an enormous impact in improving the lot of myself, my fellow humans, and all other parts of this planet. I tell myself, “I AM A HERO” and often give others the impression that that is what I think of myself. But when I really think about it, what am I really doing? Yes, I keep telling myself, every little bit counts. If there were not the individual drops of water in the ocean, there would not be an ocean.

But it is only in that way that I am really doing my part. If I were to ask somebody who was on their Top Ten List of Heroes, I know that there is no possibility that I would be on that list. What have I truly done? I have not put myself out on a limb in order to make things happen. I am a middle-class college student who is content in staying in the comfort zone of my life. I have not sold all that I have, as Jesus of Nazareth told us to do. I have not devoted all my time for some great cause. I am just content to live my life doing things that make me feel better about myself but don’t really do anything. There is no risk to the behaviors that I have adopted. I have not gone a hunger strike like Gandhi did for his India. I have done nothing. In short, I must really tell myself that “I AM NOT A HERO.” May I always remember that, and perhaps someday I will take that leap and truly become that hero that everybody wishes to be.


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