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Please explain!

Posted on: 7 February 2007

Chase posted a video that somebody created that criticises The Ant Bully as socialist propaganda. Frankly I just don’t understand what the big deal is. Would you just listen to the message that is presented by the ant? What is so damn wrong with everybody working together for the greater good? Why does this country have such an aversion to such a grand vision? Perhaps it is an impossible utopia. But does that mean we shouldn’t strive for perfection? And how can we truly know that it is impossible? It was impossible for humans to fly. It was impossible for humanity to walk on the moon. Can I at least that socialism is impossible in that way?


6 Responses to "Please explain!"

Socialism is a great idea. But so is capitalism. The problem the the formar is that for it to some what work there needs to be manipulation of the people. The problem with the later is that it leads to a materialistic society. Both would work in a perfect society, but I would rather take struggling against materialism every day than having no choice in the matter.

So the “BIG DEAL” is freedom.

And about possibility… your a Christian right? You believe we are failed right. Thus no, socialism will never happen on earth, and in heaven what ever happens will be perfect.

As an engine for wealth creation and economic growth, socialism fails pathetically, and almost comically. The only argument then, that can be made is how much of this damage we’re willing to take to achieve some “moral end”, which is a question for ethics and philosophy, not economics.

Personally, as a libertarian, I place enormous value on an individual’s right to choose for themself in everything, and having a far off statist regime spend your money according to its moral vision is the antithesis of my worldview. Rather, in my ideal world, each person would have a large personal wealth gained from the fruit of enterprise capitalism, and they could spend it in the way that they see as most ethical.

But as I said before, if you would prefer a central bureaucracy to decide which ethical projects your money goes to, then that is your own philoshophical position, and one with which economic arguments cannot properly contend, since economics and philosophy are different languages, and therefore an argument cannot properly be made between them.

I’d like to point out that any fascination that I have with socialism is purely that of a libertarian socialism, that is there is no central bureaucracy. Instead you have local systems where everybody has a part in the decision making. For me it would most likely be the ultimate democracy, economically as well as politically. I also find the idea of a statist economy repulsive, and I do not even consider that to be socialist.

Can you propose who you get a group of people to work as one while being independent? I can’t think of a way. There is always going to be bureaucracy, it is what happens naturally. I think your dreams are all right, but being a realist I find them impractical.

Perhaps, I am way too idealistic. I can admit that, but I feel that doesn’t mean that I can’t strive for it. Everyday as a Christian I strive to be without sin, and I know that this will most likely never happen while I’m on this planet. In this way I can strive for something that may be impossible.

Anyway about possible ways to get people to work together like that, I think that the locally controlled workers council is possibly pretty good. It is not full-blown socialism, I’ll admit, there would be some vestiges of the market left over. But with every worker owning a chunk of the business.

The difference between living without sin and living in a social state is that one is an inner goal while the other takes the effort of ALL. I can strive for something, but you should never try to manipulate others to strive for it too. This manipulation is exactly what the father of Socialist Libertarianism (aka Marxist Utopian Communism) predicted would happen for his dream to come home.

What I want to see is a more social capitalism, where companies are not trying to twist people but rather help them. I think Microsoft (at least Bill Gates) does a good job at this by helping out so much in Africa. It is people who are socially minded not political systems that are socially minded that will help this world.

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