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Posted on: 14 February 2007

I hereby announce my intentions to move out of the state of New York as quickly as possible. We had I don’t have any idea how much snow over the past 24 hours, but it isn’t stopping as far as I can tell. Today as I was walking to class I was slipping and sliding up the hill from my dorm, because my shoes have absolutely no grip. And then of course this is after we’ve had a winter of almost no snow at all. We didn’t even have snow on Christmas. Well, I guess I could admit that we’re lucky that we don’t live around Watertown, they made the fricken national news.


2 Responses to "I HATE SNOW!"

I like the new layout, sweet, sweet.

thanks, wordpress just added it to the options yesterday, and by the way when you are entering your website you have an extra s at the end of it (ie.

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