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Posted on: 25 February 2007

So, on Friday afternoon I came home from college because it’s February Break. Hopefully, this will result in much rest and maybe some work will get done as well. Unfortunately, this blog will probably suffer while I’m away from school. This is mostly due to the fact that my access to the wonderful world of the Web is severely restricted and because it would probably bring up things at home that I really don’t want to discuss with my family. Issues of war, homosexuality, etc. are just not going to make my life any easier. They have a hard enough time with my vegetarianism. My sister was making dinner and she made sure she left the chicken out of the stirfry for me, but forgot to leave out the chicken broth. Oh well, that peanut butter and jelly was awfully delicious. Anyways, I got some books dealing with the Quakers out of the library before I left. Maybe some more in depth research on them will help to explain my previous post on the Belief-O-Matic. And there’s never anything wrong with trying to learn more about something.

Tomorrow, my family is going to be going to the Heart and Soul FM Church in Rochester. And apparently this is actually more serious than the occasional visit that we make. This is church is an inner-city church with a large Sudanese refugee population. We live about an hour from the city, and go to the FM church in Batavia. My parents have been getting increasingly disgusted with the pastor there though and have been thinking about leaving. The church has grown a lot over the past decade and has grown into the megachurch mentality. Oftentimes it seems that our worship band is just up there putting on a concert, not leading us in worship as they should be doing. The church is feeling less and less like a family, and more and more like a place where one can just “do church.” This would definitely be a hard move for us, though. We started attending our church the summer before my first grade year, and we have many friends there. But it seems that it may be time to move on. At least, I know that I won’t be going back there once I graduate (of course, that would require me to actually live in the area, which I know isn’t going to happen). So please pray that all goes well. And pray that Northgate won’t stray from its God-given mission.

Wow, that turned into quite a bit more than I was planning on writing. I think maybe I just needed to get this off my chest.


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