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Where does God want to be?

Posted on: 22 March 2007

I found I rather telling comic about God and society. Would have gone well with my post on school prayer.

God in our hearts

Courtesy of Sinfest


3 Responses to "Where does God want to be?"

If you claim without proof that God exists, you’re a liar. I offer $100,000 for proof God exists. If you lack the courage to seek proof, you’re a coward.

If you teach children that God exists, you’re a child abuser. You abuse the education of children with lies. You’re a child molester. You molest the minds of children with fraud. You induce children to become victims of criminal fraud for life.

If you force children to pray to “one nation under God,” you are a criminal violator of children, not a patriot.

If you take money based on claims about God, you are a thief committing criminal fraud.

If you build power based on claims about God, you are a fraudulent political criminal.

To learn more about this challenge, see

The post above mine is very direct 😉

Well, your cartoon here is another insightful take on God in America. It’s as though we are capable of covering ourselves in a protective coating, with a lovely veneer that makes it look like we care, yet inwardly we are reluctant to open our hearts to God completely. In essence, we often keep God at bay with outward displays of “commitment” that do not match our inner realities. How inauthentic! Actually, we must be daft, because God sees through our veneer. We might as well be honest with God and ourselves … sooner rather than later.

Sorry but the first post is just stupid! prove to me that god doesn’t exist!!!
I agree with the money and the power statements, and that children shouldnt be forced to say under god, it should be their choice, but the rest of it is complete trash! first of all you are totallly exagerating and secondly your statements are outrageous. I am a christian so I believe in christ, but that belief is based on feelings i’ve experianced and scriptures i’ve read, not what my parents “brainwashed” me into believing. They have always let me practice whatever religion i wanted.
What is the point in life if their isnt a god, an afterlife? children should be taught about christ until they are old enough to decide for themselves.

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