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Posted on: 30 March 2007

So on Sunday I visited a friend’s church, and I was flipping through one of their hymnals and came across the song “Macedonia” by Anne Ortlund. I really liked the words so I took down the name of it so I could look them up later. Well, I can’t find them. I found several references to this song, but not the actual words. Can anybody help? I’d appreciate it. Oh and this was a United Methodist church so I’d assume the hymnal was a United Methodist hymnal.

Edit: OK stupid me. Apparently its actually in the hymnal that was sitting on my desk right next to the computer. And its called “The Vision of a Dying Word” in here, though its other title is also in the index. So now I share this with you:

“The Vision of a Dying World” or “Macedonia”
Anne Ortlund (c) 1966, found in Hymns of Faith and Life

The vision of a dying world Is vast before our eyes;
We feel the heartbeat of its need, We hear its feeble cries:
Lord Jesus Christ, revive [Your] church In this, her crucial hour!
Lord Jesus Christ, awake [Your] church With Spirit given power.

The savage hugs his god of stone And fears descent of night;
The city dweller cringes lone Amid the garish light:
Lord Jesus Christ, arouse [Your] church To see their mute distress!
Lord Jesus Christ, equip [Your] church With love and tenderness.

Today, as understanding’s bounds Are stretched on every hand,
O clothe [Your] Word in bright, new sounds, And speed it o’er the land
Lord Jesus Christ, empower us To preach by every means!
Lord Jesus Christ, embolden us In near and distant scenes.

The warning bell of judgment tolls, Above us looms the cross;
Around are ever dying souls — How great, how great the loss!
O Lord, constrain and move [Your] church The glad news to impart!
And Lord, as [You do] stir [Your] church, Begin within my heart.


6 Responses to "Hymn Help"

I KNOW I’ve sung this great hymn before, but I can’t find the tune in any hymnbook I own. Can someone help with the name of the tune that is commonly paired with these words?

In the hymnal I grew up with, it was paired with the tune “All Saints New” by Henry S. Cutler. Incidentally, it can also be sung to the tune for “America, the Beautiful.”

The name of the tune is actually called Macedonia, isn’t it? We have it in our OOP hymnal, if you’d like i can send you a scan of the page.

I might try putting together a Midi or something with garage band… but you’re right I have three or four different hymnals around here (several Lutheran, AFLC, LCMS, and WELS) one Evangelical Covenant, but the only one that has it is “Hymns for the family of God.”

We are doing this Sunday with my church. The only audio example I could find was someone’s revision of it. It sounded better than what the melody looked like on the page so we are going with that one. Here’s the link:

I can’t seem to properly browse this page from my iphone!!!!

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