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My Dietary Progression

Posted on: 10 April 2007

As I become ever more aware of the consequences of my actions there are always more things that I can do to help bring about a better world. One of those areas is my diet. My mind has been made up long ago that I ought to be vegan for many different reasons. So I have been taking baby steps towards that goal, as I have been omnivorous for the past 20 years of my life. Last Spring I made the determination that on certain days of the week I would eat only vegetarian meals. Then in August I decided that my vegetarian days had arrived. I have now set my next step in the progression. As I will be residing with my friends in a college-owned townhouse instead of the dormitory next year, I will have my own kitchen where I can cook whatever food I feel like cooking, as opposed to having no choice but to eat the poison that the cafeteria serves. So with this culinary freedom I have decided that while in my townhouse I will eat only vegan foods. For now, everywhere else in the world dairy and eggs will be permissible but not in the townhouse. So now I just have to come up with yummy recipes to feed myself (and hopefully my housemates).  Wish me luck.


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