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Houghton Earth Week 2007

Posted on: 18 April 2007

OK, as president of the environmental club here at Houghton College I should probably do a bit of promotion on this blog, in case anybody from the school happens to be reading this. This Sunday is Earth Day. So next week the club is going to be hosting Earth Week along with some other groups around campus.

On Monday we will be having Peter Illyn of Restoring Eden speak at 7:30 pm. EDIT: Peter is speaking at 7 pm, not 7:30.

On Wednesday, we are hosting a Lug-A-Mug day where everybody will carry around and use the 250 mugs that the club has purchased. The idea is to get people to use less disposable paper products such as at our campus coffee shop.

On Thursday, we are hosting an environmental fair, with a few outside organizations and various students setting info booths up.

As this is our first semester as a club, all of this has been put together rather quickly so hopefully this all goes well.


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