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Hemp, God’s Gift

Posted on: 20 April 2007

My hemp milk is here!!! Now before anybody decides to go report me, lets review what exactly hemp is. IT IS NOT MARIJUANA!! It is a variety of cannabis however. There is absolutely no THC in the plant or its seeds which the milk is made out of. I’ve told my friends this repeatedly and I know that theyHemp products understand, but the idea of hemp is just so radical for so many that they’ve been calling the stuff, pot milk and other things. Of course they’ve actually had to try it for themselves and didn’t find it completely disgusting. So I have started using hemp for my diet, though it can be used for so many other things like paper, fabric, etc. If only it were legal to grow around here (note: it is legal in this form though, I am not consuming an illegal substance). But when you eat it you can get so many different nutrients. It’s packed with protein (all 10 essential amino acids) and omega-3 and -6. And to top it all off it has a wonderful (though unique) taste that is definitely growing on me. Now if only I could find a local store that carries the stuff. It cost me 15 bucks for 64 oz. of the stuff, because I had to have it shipped from San Francisco.


3 Responses to "Hemp, God’s Gift"

Hey, Wayfarer! I just had a glass of the Vanilla flavor. Delicious! Thanks for the tip.

You’re quite welcome. I actually got back from Ithaca NY today and while I was there I stopped at their hemp store and picked up some of the hemp nuts. We’ll see how it goes in that form.

I’ve never understood the “radicalness” of hemp. Heck, marijuana isn’t all that radical. It’s mostly just good old American hysteria.

So how does this hemp milk compare nutritionally (and gustatorily) with soy milk?

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