The Wayfarer's Creed

Wow, I’m just shocked

Posted on: 20 May 2007

So about a month ago the senior pastor of the church I have called my own since I was young announced that he would be leaving the church to serve in ministry elsewhere.  Frankly I was glad to here this news. As I have indicated elsewhere in this blog, there were just some things that he was doing that I was very uncomfortable with.  But today in the service it was announced that our other two pastors, Vern and Darlene, would be leaving us as well.  This is what is going to be a lot more difficult.  Darlene has been the head of the Youth program for years now, only recently being named a pastor.  And Vern has been a close family friend since we’ve known him.  I grew up with his kids, and on the Bible quizzing team with his daughter.  They have both been called away by God and conference to other churches in the area.  So in July when the yearly Methodist shuffle occurs, we will experience it in a major way.  May God have mercy on His Church in Batavia.


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