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Radical New Form of Worship Discovered…

Posted on: 2 July 2007

…Church institutes recitation of Pledge of Allegiance in its church services.

 UGGGGGH.  I don’t care what the occasion is.  The Pledge of Allegiance does not belong in any church’s services.  We are Christians and our allegiance is to God, not to Caesar.    I have seriously got to find a church to call myself a part of.  This place that my parents have started to go to just will not work for me.  Unfortunately I don’t know where to go.  I live in a a rural county in between Rochester and Buffalo.  To find anybody of similar beliefs I’d have to go to these cities, but being a part of a community that far away from my home would be extremely difficult if not impossible.  So what do I do?  I guess just keep praying.


2 Responses to "Radical New Form of Worship Discovered…"

I was just thinking that instead of looking to change churches, try changing the church. The Glory of God can so radically shift your church. God told me a while ago when i was in your position, not to focus on moving positions geographically, but to change positions spiritually. We don’t need to fill up the churches that already have the Glory, we need to take the glory to the churches that don’t have it. God Bless I will be praying.

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