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What to Do

Posted on: 17 August 2007

So the weekend is coming up again and I really need to make a decision on what I’m doing on Sunday morning.  This past Sunday I used the excuse of dropping off my tux from a wedding in order to get up to a Mennonite church in Rochester.  Well I seem to fallen for the church in just that one service.  Unfortunately it’s approximately a 50 minute drive and I’m not sure if I want to drive that far.  But then nothing else in the area seems like it will be right and this place just seemed perfect to me.  I’m thinking I might just go again this Sunday, and then since I’ll be back at school the next week I’ll go return to my church there.  I’m also thinking about starting to go to the Mennonite church that meets later in the day back at school.  I’ve been there once before and it felt like a place that I would be comfortable, very much like the Rochester one.


2 Responses to "What to Do"

Gotta love those Mennonites. Well, at least I do–I married one!

They are a great people. And an update on the situation, I did in fact go up again and have decided that its worth driving the hour to get there.

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