The Wayfarer's Creed

Semester Starters

Posted on: 5 September 2007

Returning to school can be such an ordeal sometimes.  A week and a half into the semester and I finally have my schedule worked out.  Somebody in the cosmos must have thought that my plans were out of line or something, because things definitely look different than when I scheduled in the spring.  The day I got back I received an e-mail saying that my Sociology of Religion class was canceled. Well, I guess I could handle that in itself.  I got myself into World Religions.  But that couldn’t possibly be the only issue.  One of my professors decides after a week of classes to put in her resignation.  She taught two of my classes. Fortunately, they’ve been able to find new professors. But my Refugee Families class was looking bleak, at least it was doubtful whether I would be taking it.   But everything has worked out for the time being.  And I am definitely praising God for staying in the situation.  I’m definitely excited for the semester. May God bless it and may it overflow with even more good things.


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