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Posted on: 12 April 2008

So saying it’s been a while would probably be a bit of an understatement.  You may have wondered what happened to me.  No I didn’t drop into an abyss, though life could be considered to be an abyss, or more likely a tempest.  Life is not what it was six months ago when I was in the midst of college life.  Difficulties led to me dropping out of Houghton, and I’ve returned to my job in the food service industry, living at home with the family, and generally letting life pass me by.  Maybe I’ll actually be able to revive this as a bit of an outlet from the humdrum of daily living, letting myself inner self out from the restrictive boundaries of the world around me.  Wow, that sounds depressing.  Don’t worry too much the depression has actually pretty much worn off and I’ve ditched the meds(not entirely with my doc’s consent, but whatever).

Peace until we meet again.


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