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Sex and Gender Learning Goals

Posted on: 22 September 2009

My first writing assignment for my Sex and Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspectives class was to write a short reflection on why I’m actually taking the class. You could probably say this actually a reflection on what my life goals are, not just my class goals. So here it is.

Academically, my reasons for taking this course deal with my desire to understand how society’s power structures use different categories to control various populations. My queer identity gives me a personal experience to understand that sex and gender are definitely one of these “othering” categories. And because of this identity there is a deeper level of reasoning for me. Having grown up in an environment where feminism was a dirty word, I need a new foundation to justify the paradigm shift that I have forced upon myself in the last few years. I hope to replace what I was taught growing up with a better understanding of topics in gender and sexuality based in reality. Also, I’d like to better understand what these topics personally mean to me, as I deal with a blossoming of my own sexuality as a young gay man. For example, I’d like to learn how I might be able to merge my essentialist concept of sexuality with my constructivist concept of gender. Ultimately, if I can fit everybody’s experiences into my conceptions, it is then that I can help others to achieve the same thing so that our society may be a place of more diversity and justice.


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