The Wayfarer's Creed

Light of the Darkness

Posted on: 3 November 2009

I came upon this post a few days ago discussing the actual color of the universe.  It isn’t black as you might think upon casual observance.  It’s actually a whitish color.  While thinking about this, my mind drifted into the spiritual realm as it often does.  This can’t just be a scientific observation. It must mean something!  Or at least I can wrench some sort of metaphor out of it, and I did.

In our lives, we experience so much suffering and so much pain.  Throughout history, we have tried to explain this, sometimes more successfully than others.  Well here is a new metaphor for our scientific age.  Because of our limited senses we do not see light that has shifted out of our visible spectrum.  It is still light, but our experience of it is not.  Perhaps, we can think of our life experiences in such a manner.  All experiences contribute to who we are and are thus light, even if we cannot figure out how.  I know for certain that if I didn’t have a certain “darkness” in my life, I would never have met one of my good friends of today.  Think about how this image can help you out in your life.


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