The Wayfarer's Creed

Houghton is NOT Solid as a Rock

Posted on: 9 February 2010

One of the common assertions made by the college communities that we go into is that we are a bunch of outsiders trying to rile everybody up, and that it is our goal to create a media circus.  They try to promote the idea that everybody in their community agrees with their positions on sexuality and gender.  From reports that I hear from Houghton, these assertions are most definitely flowing around that campus.  I challenge all students, faculty, staff, alumni of the College to challenge this fiction being promoted as fact.  Let the College know that you disapprove of their policies.  Let them know that you support and endorse the actions of the Equality Ride.  Maybe instead of contributing financially to the College this year, redirect your donation to the Equality Ride, and let the College know it.  Or just make a donation to the Equality Ride.  We must show that they are not solid, that there is dissent and that someday they must change.


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