The Wayfarer's Creed

A Kairos Time

Posted on: 26 February 2010

Kairos is a word from ancient Greece meaning time, specifically an opportune time or the perfect moment.  It is that time where the Light bursts forth.  It is that time where action is demanded of us in the human community.  It is often used in a theological context in regards to the Incarnation of Yeshua, that God broke into Time at the right time, when the Jewish community was being oppressed by Rome.  It is in this context that I see my participation in the Equality Ride.  All events in my life, whether I have typically viewed them as positive or negative, have led me to this point.   This Kairos moment in effect makes all of my history a positive.  My suffering in the closet, my spiritual agony originating from a rejection of my self, are what give me this moment.  And I know that just in time for our arrival at Houghton College, various queer students on campus have become comfortable enough with themselves that they publicly identify as queer.  This also points towards a Kairos moment. And so as I am now on the road as part of the Ride, I am full of hope and courage.  I am a conduit of God’s Justice in doing this work, and as I sit here in Baltimore preparing for the possible confrontations that come , I know that Change will come!


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You touch my heart.

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