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Because of my super wonderful connections to the community here in Rochester, I have been given the chance to promote the Ride through The Empty Closet, a monthly newspaper published by the Gay Alliance of the Genesee Valley.  In February’s issue, I have a brief article about the Ride and our schedule, and in successive months I will be writing about my experiences at Houghton and the rest of the schools that we will be visiting.  Welcome to those who are visiting this site because of the EC.  And for those who haven’t picked up an issue, do so.  This is a truly life-changing experience for me even now as I plan and interact with my fellow Riders and college administrators.  And I want to share this with the world.

Peace&Rainbows 🙂


logoSo I’m sure anybody coming across this blog will probably understand what a CSA is. If not click on the link.  In any case, the bakery that I having been working/cooperating at for the past couple of months is closing the storefront that we’ve been operating the last couple of months and moving to a CSA sales model, or I guess you could say a Community-supported Bakery.  Our members will subscribe for a certain period of time and will receive a loaf of bread every week, either delivered right too them or too one of many drop-off points that we will be developing. Live in Rochester, NY and are interested in signing up?  E-mail me at andrew[at]smallworldbakery[dot]com.

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